Echofon for Mac

The fastest, most powerful Twitter app that syncs unread Tweets across all of your devices.

Echofon Mac Interface

Super Clean Interface

Echofon's beautiful, clean interface is carefully designed to be comfortably left open all day.

It stays out of the way when necessary and expands to support all of the advanced features you need, when you need them.

More Types of Tweet Attachments

Easily attach photos to your Tweets with drag and drop. You can also attach screen captures, current iTunes song, or current page in Safari. Echofon uses handy indicators to show which Tweets have photos, videos, location, conversations etc.

Multiple Twitter Accounts

Multiple Accounts

Use all of your Twitter accounts in Echofon! Account switching is easy, and you’ll see a subtle notification for mentions and messages you receive in background accounts.

Sync Across Your Devices

Sync with iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices

Since Echofon is available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android, unread Tweets stay in sync across all of your devices. Jump between your Mac and your smartphone or tablet, picking up right where you left off. Never again will you read the same Tweet twice!

Browser Drawer

Echofon's Browser Drawer

Echofon's unique drawer interface makes it easy to perform supplementary tasks such as viewing a user’s profile, timeline, favorites, followers, and more. It also allows you to search for people and see a large image preview. This helps you keep focus on the main timeline while pulling up other information as needed.

search tweets and users

Advanced Search Features

Full search support includes trends with explanations, saved search, and people search.