Re-Setting Push

<div><p>If you've already verified in your settings that push is setup correctly and you're not doing one of the following (<a href= ""></a>), please try these steps:</p> <p>on iPhone:<br> 1. Tap time at top center of phone<br> 2. Tap menu at top left<br> 3. Tap blue circle next to your account<br> 4. Tap Push Notifications<br> 5. Tap Delete All Devices<br> 6. Tap it again<br> 7. Tap your phone's home button<br> 8. Double tap your phone's home button<br> 9. Hard press the Echofon icon until red dot appears<br> 10. Tap the red x<br> 11. Open Echofon again and follow steps 1-4 and make sure push is on.</p> <p>If this does not do the trick, please send us your Twitter handle to reset on our servers.</p></div>