Muting Users

<div><p>If you see a user in your timeline that you'd like to mute-<br> On iPhone<br> 1. Tap the user's avatar (or hard press and tap 'Mute this User')<br> 2. Tap Profile.<br> 3. Scroll to the bottom<br> 4. Tap Mute</p> <p>On iPad<br> 1. Tap the user's avatar<br> 2. Tap Mute</p> <p>To add a user to mute manually-<br> On iPhone:<br> 1. Go to search<br> 2. Type in the user or tap Users at the top &amp; scroll to the user<br> 3. From their profile, scroll to the bottom<br> 4. Tap Mute</p> <p>On iPad:<br> 1. Go to Search Tweets or Users<br> 2. When you find who you're looking for, tap Mute</p></div>