Bookmarklet for Safari

<div><p>Echofon has its own URL scheme. You can add a bookmarklet to Safari to post a link with Echofon. Add the following URL to the bookmarks on your Mac/PC; then sync your iPhone.</p> <p><b>Free:</b><br/><br/> <code>javascript:window.location='echofon:///post?'+window.location</code><br/><br/> <b>Pro:</b><br/><br/> <code>javascript:window.location='echofonpro:///post/username?'+window.location</code></br/></p> <p>For backwards compatibility, these URLs also work if you replace 'echofon' with 'twitterfon'.</p> <p>Alternatively, open <a href=""></a> with your iPhone and follow the directions for installing the bookmarklet.</p> <p><b>Note:</b> Make sure turn on JavaScript on Safari. You can check it in</p></div>