Discontinuing Windows & Firefox

<div><p>Unfortunately, we've had to discontinue both Echofon Firefox and Windows with the introduction to Twitter's new API 1.1, which they completed June 11, 2013. We announced this change back in October of 2012, but Twitter has finally pulled the plug on API 1.0 . At this time, we are not accepting invitations to open source.</p> <p>However, if you ever find yourself moving over to Mac, we were able to update it to work with API 1.1. Here's the link: <a href= "https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/echofon-lite-for-twitter/id403858460?mt=12"> https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/echofon-lite-for-twitter/id40385846...</a></p> <p>OR, if you have the old version of Echofon Mac (including paid), please click 'Check for Updates' under 'Echofon' at the top left of your screen.</p> <p>If you're seeing a 410 error on any other device (including iPad, iPhone or Android) when opening Echofon, please update to the most current version of the app. This is likely also related to the API change. All current mobile versions can be found by clicking the appropriate download links on Echofon.com</p> <p>Thanks so much for your support,<br> Echofon Support Team</p></div>