Authentication Error

<div><p>If you got authentication error with Echofon, make sure following things.</p> <ul> <li>Check your clock settings. OAuth requires correct timestamp. Make sure you also set correct timezone.</li> <li>Check your <em>connectors</em> on (<a href= ""></a>)</li> <li>Enter your <em>username</em> (screen_name), not e-mail address.</li> <li>Twitter temporarily locks your account after several failed login attempts. Try again after a few minutes.</li> </ul> <p>If you still have authentication issues, <a id="help" href="#" name="help">click here to send a report</a>. If you using Echofon Firefox, please attach <a href= "/support/kb/firefox/reporting-bugs">error logs</a> into the report.</p></div>